Will history put us on the right or wrong side?

Bill Miles

If and when any elected republicans or ‘would be’ elected announce they are leaving the ‘Grand Old Party’ for something else because their “party has left them” they may be met with skepticism that it is really a “come to Jesus moment.” It could be regarded that any modern day “turn arounds” would be compared with democrats who used that excuse. South Carolina’s Strom Thurmond of the old Dixiecrat yearning, Mississippi’s John Bell Williams, who lost his congressional power in the aftermath of his support for Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater and rose the race gimmick to the Governor’s Mansion, and others mixed ideology with opportunity. They won a temporary victory. History will probably leave them out. Many others that I know have followed the theme “the democrat party left me” which nine times out of seven means they saw a “power” chance and took it. When the Civil Rights Movement resulted in many African Americans gaining suffrage and its local leaders demanded a public commitment from candidates to get support, the ever present “finger in the air” to determine which way the political winds were blowing caused candidates all at once to declare a “conscience”. This was code to wanting to get re-elected and use one group (smaller) in hopes of securing the endorsement of the other (larger). If you’re a regular reader of my op-ed pieces, you’ve detected that I think power drives just about everything. My Lord preached against this by targeting the religious leaders of the days He walked on earth. I’ve heard it said that when an individual(s) amasses wealth and material belongings, the view of ultimate achievement lies in political power. Maybe we’re seeing this in our own time. Hitler was able to accumulate such by enlisting aid from folks who knew he was a lunatic. He persisted when those who knew better did nothing. So those who honestly endorse hateful rhetoric and then outright condone acts they know to be against humanity’s better nature should hope their future grandchildren do not see them in recorded images a couple of generations from now. I think about the hecklers cheering when their comrades poured soft drinks on activists their own age in the 1960s as attempts to integrate lunch fountains in the South occurred. TV viewers may wonder how the great divide of rhetoric comes about as they see spokespeople from the right or left interviewed. I saw in my time the development of “talking points”. This is a list of statements that follow the party line. I suspect that regularly (maybe multiple times daily) the party hierarchy issues what experts believe will conveniently defend a position. Frequently these “talking points” have been developed from focus groups where trained operatives develop a scenario. When I saw a local high ranking official that I know brush off serious criminal charges brought in DC as being beyond a financial scope, I felt sick at my stomach. Wrongdoing should be exposed when and where it is found. If it gets my side so be it. If it gets yours, that’s our system. I’m still waiting to analyze our “moment in the sun”. I am appalled when I see acquaintances endorse positions I know are contrary to their true being. Are they scared to make an opposing statement? Or do they have their finger up testing the political winds? If they follow the “old democrats” and proclaim “I’m changing to whatever, because my party has left me” remains to be seen. History will not fail to report their decisions. Will they be on the right side or wrong side as our fellow laborers have been in the past?

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