The Siren is a dark fairy tale guaranteed to frighten

The Siren

The film The Siren is based on Slavic folklore, the rusalka is a female entity, often malicious toward mankind and frequently associated with water.

In our story, a mute man Tom (Evan Dumouchel), who is haunted by a childhood accident that took his voice. He is a loner, sheltered with a religious background.

He goes on a retreat by himself to a remote lake house.

He meets Al (MacLeod Andrews) whose husband drown in the lake. Many mysterious deaths have been contributed to the lake. Locals feel the deaths are associated with this lovelorn spirit, who is said to haunt the surrounding woods and that she drowns whoever she encounters in the lake.

One night Tom hears splashing off the pier and there he finds the seemingly human Nina (Margaret Ying Drake).

He feels like she could be the soulmate he’s searched for. Oddly enough she feels the same way about him, but must battle her demonic instincts — because she is The Siren.

Meanwhile Al hangs around knowing he’s getting close to discovering who killed his husband and intent on seeking revenge. The siren’s main purpose is, however, to lure young men, seduced by either her looks or her voice, into the depths of said waterways where she would entangle their feet with her long red hair and submerge them.

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