Mooreville wins 1946 championship

Picutred are front row, left to right, Louise Kingsley, Emma Lee Gunter, Merbalene Kelly, Sarah Morgan, the coach’s daughter; Monfez Brooks and Agnes Willis. Back row, left to right, Jimmie Mae Payne, Jackie Price, Cathaleen Willis, Bobby Jean DeVaughtn, Mary Lou Smith and Christine Taylor. And standing at the right is three-time winner Coach Aaron Morgan.

The team that was trailing Cleveland by 2 points with but 10 seconds to go in the big, final game and with Cleveland in possession of the ball, but won the game and the state title by a score of 37 to 36. The girl that did it with a successful free throw and a field goal just as the game ended in pitured, first from the left in the front row. She is now Mrs. Bude Talley of Tupelo.

Victory in theis game, played in the Delta State Gym at Cleveland, brought Mooreville High School its third state championship for girls, all under the same coach. During the 1939-1946 period. the Mooreville girls competed in three State Tournaments, never losing a game.

Mississippi 1946

Fielding L. Wright became Mississippi’s forty-ninth governor Wright served from 1946 to 1948, filling the remainder of Governor Bailey’s term after Bailey’s death in November.

Mississippi Vocational College was established. The school was later named Mississippi Valley State University.

The U.S. Senate investigates and censured Senator Theodore Bilbo. The former Mississippi governor (1916-20) was suspected of accepting bribes from defense contractors during World War II. After withdrawing from the Senate due to the charges, Bilbo died of cancer in 1947.

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