Sister Lucille’s debut alive with sassy bluesy roots

Sister Lucille - Alive

Missouri is known as the “Show Me State.”

Sister Lucille, a roots band, hails from that midwestern state and with their debut, will show listeners they mean business.

Few debuts are this potent, this controlled and this good.

Part of the fireworks come from sultry sassy blues singer Kimberly Dill. Kimberly originally began as a country artist, opening from Kitty Wells at the Ryman Auditorium as a teen.

The other part of this sonic boom comes from Jamie Holdren also a gifted singer, but even more so a dynamite guitar player who has penned some killer rifts and hooks.

“We’ve been playing music since we were 18,” said Kimberly. “We did a duo thing for a long time where Jamie played and recorded all the instruments, and we sang to it. We’ve had the band together for seven years now, and this album - these songs - are my first go at writing and it’s the first time our music has had a female perspective in the writing.”

“I told Kim you’re preaching to the women and women focused and I can’t write lyrics to that side of our audience. She busted out these songs and I was like ‘Whoa! That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” Jamie said.

Rounding out the band are Kevin Lyons / Drums & Percussion and Eric Guinn / Bass. This is great stuff.

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