Season 8 probably no go for Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan - Season 7

No one likes to see their favorite network television show come to an end.

But it looks like Ray Donovan is over.

Speaking to fans on Instagram, Liev Schreiber (who plays Ray Donovan) himself revealed that “It seems like your voices have been heard... Too soon to say how or when, but with a little luck and your ongoing support, there will be more Ray Donovan.”

Regardless of Liev’s hopefulness, I’ll believe it when they start filming.

Season 7 was certainly different.

Ray, who can usually fix anything, is beginning to question himself, where he’s headed and starts seeing a shrink, Dr. Arthur Amiot (Alan Alda).

A police officer's head turns up, and the Donovans are implicated in the murder; Ray finds his work with his therapist threatening to unravel secrets which need to stay buried.

Mickey is declared dead after the devastating explosion of the prisoner's trucks. Ray sends him away to the Maldives, and ensures Mickey leaves his fingerprints at the crime scenes so that Mickey will be implicated in the murders rather than his family. The Mayor instructs Ray to find a 10 year old boy to falsely accuse Kevin Sullivan of molestation. Ray continues to struggle with his conscience and decides to return the graphic video of Kevin in a sexually compromising position back to the Sullivans. Lena hands Ray her resignation. Bridget initiates a sexual encounter with Adam Rain.

It seems trouble has become Ray’s best friend.

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