Road rage near Pontotoc / Lee County line

Any information related to this case should be called into 662-841-9040.

On Sept. 1, Lee County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a “shots fired” call on old Hwy. 6 near the Lee / Pontotoc county line.

Officers arrived to find no suspect and no victim.

“What ended up happening was there were two individuals in two separate vehicles and they got into it. We’re not sure what it was — just road rage, or drug related. Nobody will tell us anything,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson. “We were only contacted because a witness saw what went on.”

On the Lee County side, near the West End Market, an investigator collected 17 - 9mm casings and logged them in as evidence.

“We talked to one of them (victims), and he’s a convicted felon. So he wasn’t about to admit shooting or holding a gun,” Johnson said. “We did not find a weapon. There were several shots fired from both vehicles.”

One car had the back window shot out. The other car was hit too, but neither of the drivers were hit. On the Pontotoc County side, a Pontotoc officer took a report of a stray bullet in that county at the Dollar General.

“There’s very limited information available from the people involved. The thing you have to realize in an investigation is you have to have people who are willing to cooperate to make the case solveable and or prosecutable,” Johnson said. “So we know something happened but we can’t put it all together because we’re missing pieces to the puzzle. If you’re the victim of a crime and you don’t report it, and you don’t work with law enforcement, and you don’t care that it happened to you and you’re going to handle it on your own, and you don’t want anyone involved — many times that is what is going to happen.

“Nevertheless we’re going to actively do what we can to solve it.”

Any information related to this case should be called into 662-841-9040.

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