Where did I put you?

Randall Franks

Do you ever go to the back of the house, and when you get there you don’t remember what you went after? How about do you ever go to the store without a list, only to return home with everything but what you went after? I do! More and more it seems. When I was little I remember watching a Saturday morning TV show called Land of the Lost. I believe it was a Sid and Marty Kroft production about a place where all the things gone can now be found, like dinosaurs and such. There was a scientist and his children who became lost and they found themselves in this place. A land filled with all kinds of unbelievable creatures and people. I think that must be where all the stuff I can’t seem to find goes, even if it is for just a little while. Like car keys, I try to make a habit of always putting them in the same spot to save time, but still, some days they just can’t be found. I’ve heard stories about guardian angels sometimes moving them to save people from being in a wreck. I know I experienced this myself. At least I’ve lost my keys and been delayed long enough to just miss a major car accident. What frustrates me though is when you remember putting something away for safe keeping, important papers or something you definitely want to keep, then you can’t remember where the safe place is. How about the screw driver you know you put in the tool drawer. Or the scissors, whichI know for a fact we have six or seven pairs of in our house. But if I need them, they are no where to be seen. They just hide. It’s like they are playing hide and go seek with us. Personally, I am tired of seeking. I know that there is a system to improving this situation. Maybe making a list of where you put things. But then I’d forget where I put that list. Just the other day, I was faced with hunting a document that I have not needed in sixteen years. But now, I need it. While I can remember faintly seeing it some time in the last five or six years, of course, where I think it is, it isn’t. So now I have to go through every single piece of paper I own to hunt it. I am sure the hours this will take will be beneficial though; I always seem to find things that I’ve been looking for forever. I’m still hoping it will turn up, right under my nose. That’s usually where stuff we lose is, right under our nose or in front of our eyes. How many times I’ve looked through something and missed what I was looking for, just to find it on my second or third time through, or somebody will go behind me and find it. I’m sure most women will agree, us men would lose our heads if they were not tied on. We tend to go to women to help find what we’ve lost. They are the ones who are suppose to know where everything is. We learned this as children. If we couldn’t find something, mother would know where it is. So we would ask, and sure enough, it would appear from the Land of the Lost. I really think that if I apply myself and work more diligently to keep up with everything, then I won’t be faced with this problem anymore. But just think about what I just said. Could you imagine keeping up with where you put every piece of paper, tool, pen, receipt you have handled in your lifetime and being able to walk over and pick it up at any given moment. I would greatly admire someone who could do that. I know I’ve tried but I still can’t do that. One thing is for sure. No matter what else happens, when you are looking for something, it is the last thing you will find.

Randall Franks, above, played Officer Randy Goode (1988–1993) Randy Goode begins his work on the series as a partner to Wilson Sweet in "The Creek"; he soon begins driving Chief Gillespie and Detective Tibbs around. Randall has stayed a good friend of The Courier for many years. The actor recently took a fall and is still recovering. We hope he continues to improve. Our thoughts and prayers are with him. —Jim Clark, publisher courierL@bellsouth.net

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