The plan while waiting for life to return to normal

Trent Kelly

Like our fellow Americans, Mississippians are resilient. These are extraordinary times for all of us, but nothing we cannot overcome. The spirit of our people and concern for family, friends, and neighbors has not faltered. In fact, it has strengthened our resolve to preserve all that we hold dear. I believe that everyone wants life to return to normal and to get back to work. The problem is, businesses - large and small, have taken a direct hit. Scores of Mississippians now find themselves out of a job, faced with economic uncertainty for the first time in years. In response to this unprecedented public health crisis, three pieces of legislation have been passed and signed into law by President Trump.

Phase One: Coronavirus Preparedness & Response Supplemental • Funding to increase testing, support treatments, and invests in vaccine treatment • Resources to purchase essential medical equipment/supplies, and for the CDC, NIH, and state and local response efforts

Phase Two: Families First Coronavirus Response Act • Free testing for Americans that need to be tested • Paid sick and medical leave for workers • Emergency nutritional assistance • Protections and relief for small businesses • Increased access to telehealth

Phase Three: Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act • Sends a direct payment to the American people • Expands unemployment benefits for four months • Makes emergency resources available to small businesses • Stabilizes key national industries • Provides relief and resources for healthcare providers • Invests in new medicines and vaccines Mississippi

Coronavirus Hotline 24/7 (877) 978-6453

Let me know if there is anything my office can do to assist you. You can keep up with the latest news by signing up for my newsletter and following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our Tupelo office is located at 431 West Main St. Our phone is (662) 841-8808.

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