Second State of State address delivered

Randy Boyd

This is the fourth week of the 2021 Legislative Session. Members worked diligently in committee meetings, as next Tuesday’s deadline to have House Bills out of committee quickly approaches. Last week, the House announced new protocols, and all committee meetings and sessions were moved online. Despite a few technical difficulties early in the week, the virtual meetings proved to be a success. My days were packed with Committee meetings in Appropriations full Committee, Appropriation Subcommittees, Education, Medicaid, Elections and Apportionment, and Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency (AET). In between the meetings, research was done on bills. Those found with value will be forwarded to the House Floor for consideration of the full House of Representatives. After Tuesday, February 2nd, no additional general bills will be added to the House calendar for deliberation. Members will return to meet in person in session on Wednesday, February 3rd to discuss the bills that have made it out of their respective committees. Thus far, 140 bills have made it out of committee. This number should increase before the deadline. As members return the Capitol, we should remain vigilant in safety procedures for COVID-19. God has blessed us, in the House, with a controlled environment by safety conscience delegates. I feel that we have achieved our goal for this Session. On Tuesday, Governor Tate Reeves delivered his second State of the State address before a Joint Session of the House and the Senate. He discussed several topics important to Mississippians, including COVID-19, education, workforce development and the economy. Thank you again for permitting me to be your representative. As I have always promised, I will use my vote to make District 19 and Mississippi a better place for us and our families. Pray for me to be diligent in the activities of the legislative branch, where I serve. God Bless,Randy

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