Please join me and vote November 3

Randy Boyd

“Every election is determined by those who show up” – Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing

The summer of 1787 is on record as being particularly hot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was during that summer – from May to September to be exact – that the Founding Fathers drafted the final version of the United States Constitution. Points of debate consisted of a wide variety of topics. Issues such as the role of the executive, taxation, the structure of Congress, the very role of government itself, and even the national debt passionately rang throughout the halls of that Philadelphia building. However, despite the heated contests and fierce debates, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention remained absolutely devoted to the idea for which they fought: a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Indeed, having just freed themselves from oppression and tyranny, a new model of governance was to be created that respected the God-given rights and freedoms available to all individuals. Today, as a result of our Founding Father’s pain and convictions, resonating throughout our Constitution and protected by the 15th Amendment, the right to vote is the bedrock upon which our entire Republic is built. Today, every single area of our lives is impacted by our government. And that impact is often directly determined by how you and I vote. My Dad, Stansel Boyd, was in the Army during World War II. From him and that generation, I learned the need to be active in the voting process. It was not something to take for granted. I challenge anyone who reads this to study what they fought against and see their resolve to keep this nation free where people can live the American Dream. I still see that opportunity around us today. In a matter of days, you and I will once again have a say in how our lives are impacted. On November 3rd, we will be voting for our next President, one United States Senator, our members of Congress, and two changes to our own state’s constitution. Every single one of these issues is important. Every single one of these issues will impact our lives in a very real and direct way. In every election, the future will be determined, and it will be determined for all of us. And yet, it will be only decided by those who take it upon themselves to show up. Some may argue that their single vote is meaningless. I disagree. I believe Mississippi and the United States itself are only as great as the single vote.

I believe our state and our nation have changed the pattern of governments and written the history of humanity itself on the back of the single vote. And I believe if you and I continue to exercise our most important right, just as the Founding Fathers intended, by God’s grace, we are not done yet.

Please join me and vote on Tuesday, November 3rd from 7am to 7pm.

God Bless, Randy.

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