Mississippi Tax Freedom Act passes House after debate 

Randy Boyd

Monday, March 1 was busy with the Committees meeting vetting the Senate Bills went to the House. It was the ninth week of the 2021 Legislative Session. House committees had to report out general bills originating from the Senate before Tuesday at 8 p.m. Senate bills that did not make it out of committees died. House members began working on Senate bills in the House Chamber Wednesday morning. The deadline for these bills to be passed is Wednesday, March 10. Senate Bill 2536, The Mississippi Fairness Act, would require schools to designate sports teams based on biological sex. Across the country, transgender boys have been allowed to play on teams designated as teams for girls. For as many years as I can remember, to play sports parents had to give an Official State Birth Certificate. This bill uses the birth certificates to determine the gender of the team for the student. Title IX laws will still give girls the right to try out for boys teams, if similar activities are not maintained for the female gender. SB 2536 came through the Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency Committee of which I am Chairman. I was happy to bring this bill to the floor for a vote. I believe this protects our young females and their participation in sports. This would not include teams that are already classified as “co-ed.” The language is similar to an amendment added to House Bill 1030 earlier in the session. After little debate, the SB 2536 passed the House by a vote of 81-28, and it has been returned to the Senate. Several other Senate bills passed the House floor. These included: a bill that would create the Mississippi Dementia Care Program to provide assistance to caregivers for those with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia (SB 2221); a bill that would establish the Mississippi Historic Site Preservation Fund Grant Program within the Department of Archives and History (SB 2834); and a bill that would extend the repealer on the State Board of Funeral Services (SB 2098). The House will continue to work on bills originating from the Senate until the deadline on Wednesday. All Senate bills approved by the House will be sent back with changes to the Senate for concurrence or to invite conference. Thank you for allowing me to be your Representative. I will continue to serve you and keep reporting each week. If you need me, email to landtree@nexband.com or my cell number is 662-231-0133. God bless, Randy.

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