Dear Lee County Courier and Readers,

As a school Saltillo Elementary School would like to thank the Courier

and its readers who helped us by voting in the Creative Classrooms

Contest. We came in second place after leading the voting process for a

solid week. New Mexico had an elementary school that received the most

votes and won 200 gallons of paint plus free contract labor to paint

their school. Saltillo Elementary won 200 gallons of paint, a $5,000.

value. We are excited about winning second place in a national contest!

When we consider being a small town with a population of about 5,500,

and receiving more than twice our population in votes we are very

grateful to all our friends and families who voted. Gallup, New Mexico,

(1st place in votes), had a population of approximately 70,000, and had

about a third of their population in votes.

The contest, sponsored by Glidden Paint, had 320 entries originally.

Saltillo Elementary completed the application process which included a

video entry and won a semi finalist position with cities in Georgia, New

Mexico, Ohio and California.

We hope to paint the auditorium, cafeteria and hallways of our school.

We also plan to do some inspirational murals. We must now get the

contracting of the paint completed. We have had one contractor step

forward to volunteer their time. Since it is a considerable job, we are

hoping other contractors may do the same. This has proven what community

means and what a small community can do when we all work together. Thank

you so much for helping us get the word out about the vote! We

appreciate everyone's time and effort in sharing our passion to make our

schools inviting and visually appealing to students.

Sincerely, Saltillo Elementary School Staff, Parents & Friends

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