Dear Mrs. Clark,

It’s a sad day in America and the State of Mississippi when any political party supports a candidate who knowingly perpetuates lies and practices deceit in order to gain the trust of his constituents, and gain votes to be elected into political office.

I’m speaking of the Mississippi Democratic Party (MS DNC) and their unwavering support of Ron E. Dickey, District 1 candidate. Many of Mr. Dickey’s claims have been proven false and more each day are proven to be embellishments and lies, yet Mr. Cole and the Democratic Party seem to be ignoring the situation and doing nothing to correct this deliberate act of dishonor and deception. Why is this happening? It’s simple.

To acknowledge the situation would be admitting that the Mississippi Democratic Party was inefficient and inept in verifying Mr. Dickey’s background including his wildly exaggerated and misleading claims of military service. It could also mean that they knew Mr. Dickey’s claims were disingenuous but ignored them in order to have a candidate that would appeal to their voter base and possibly even get elected. Whatever the answer is, one or both of these lines of reasoning are certainly true. Regardless, as I first stated, it’s a sad day.

The citizens of America and the taxpayers of Mississippi deserve better. They deserve candidates that can be trusted to tell the truth. They deserve candidates who they can count on to be their legitimate voice. They need candidates who will stand up for American ideals and principles and fight for what is right. They do not deserve candidates who lie, misrepresent, deceive and embellish in order to realize their own personal goals and selfish ambitions.

Mr. Dickey has referred to himself as a “Green Beret veteran of Desert Storm”. He has claimed medical problems as a “possible” result of being deployed to the Persian Gulf. Both of these claims have been irrefutably proven as patently false. Mr. Dickey was not a Special Forces soldier -also known as the Green Berets- and he has never deployed to the Persian Gulf during peacetime or war.

Mr. Dickey has also claimed several college degrees of which not a single one can be confirmed or verified. He has claimed to be a retired police officer, later changing that claim to “former” police officer. What else will be discovered? What else is there about Mr. Dickey that should be known by the citizens of Mississippi before they cast a ballot in November?

At this point only Ron E. Dickey (or as some records show, Flemron Earl Russell Dickey) knows; for the time being, anyway…

Edit: As I’m closing this writing I’m informed that the MS DNC met with Mr. Dickey yesterday and asked him to withdraw from the race or make an official apology with admissions of all his lies. I was told he refused both, to which the DNC withdrew their support. True? I don’t know. But if it is, the MS DNC is scrambling to redeem itself and could care less about Mr. Dickey. Why should you?

Each and every one of you should care because the citizens of this country deserve to be told the truth by their politicians. This country was built on truth and that seems to be a problem with Ron Dickey.

George M Davenport

US Army Special Forces (retired)


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