Dear editor,

Our government, its leaders and the public in general here in the USA, to include a host of our world community, do not understand Islam. We have called it a “religion of peace” and have separated some Muslims as radical. We have tried to appease the Middle East for years. We went to war with worthy intentions after 9/11. We accomplished good things and we have made mistakes.

One very recent mistake, February 2012, there was the accidental burning of some copies of the Koran and other literature in Afghanistan. After numerous and abundant apologies from all levels of our government, riot and chaos by Muslims increase each day. The pure hate for Americans is outrageously shown and with the bloodthirsty desire to kill to make up for this mistake. Do we consider this type of reaction radical? Yes, it is by our standard of judgement. Is it radical to the rioters? No, in their view, they are fulfilling their orthodox faith. Terrible problem is it not?

We need to accept the fact that orthodox Islam controls the Muslim world, and they are beyond appeasement. The definition of orthodox is in part: “Adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faith.” What we call radicals are, in reality, Muslims, who are practicing their customary, traditional faith. They have an Islamic orthodox view of world affairs. Their overall mission is to convert all peoples to Islam and to make the whole world an Islamic state. Mark this down, friends.

There is a great need for the world community to practice the “Golden Rule.” Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even to them,; for this is the law and the prophets.” (Mt. 7:12 KJV) “In God We Trust.”

Submitted in respect,

Donald R. Fox

349 McComb Ave.

Saltillo, MS 38866

(662) 869-2261

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