Dear Mrs. Clark,

This summer local physicians provided a vital learning experience for Mississippi high school students.

On behalf of Mississippi State University Extension Service and the Rural Medical Scholars of 2015, I thank the following Tupelo physicians and their staffs: Drs. Steve Carroll, Brad Crosswhite, William Edmondson, Bryan Fagan, Amit Gupta, David Irwin, Edward Ivancic, Charles King, Eric Lewis, Nelson Little, Dustin Markle, Johnny Miles, Garrett Ogg, Brandy Patterson, John Phillips, Vernon Rayford, Dennis Stokes, Van Stone, Eric Street, Pami Taylor, Kristen Turner, James Ungo, James White, Roger Williams, and Dr. J. Edward Hill and Dr. Dennis Smith and their colleagues at the Family Medicine Residency Center.

The physicians’ contribution to these students, their profession, and the future of health care in Mississippi is sincerely appreciated.

These doctors provide opportunities for students taking part in the program to observe their practice.

The program has been offered by MSU Extension Service since 1998; its objective is to “grow local docs” for Mississippi. Scholars attend MSU for five weeks, take two pre-med courses, and shadow physicians throughout the program.

Scholars come from throughout the state; doctors in Tupelo, Starkville, West Point and Columbus volunteer to provide shadowing opportunities - a critical element that helps the Scholars answer the question “Do I really want to be a doctor?” Mississippi has the lowest doctor to population ratio in the country; thanks so much to these physicians who are working to improve that condition.


Bonnie Carew, Ph.D.


Rural Medical Scholars

Mississippi State University Extension Service

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