Dear editor,

We hope that this letter finds you & your readers doing well; as for us, we're doing fine.

Everyone in this great land of ours has certain "pet peeve" laws that get under their skin. My 7th grade social-science teacher, for example, was dismayed that the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court could not be voted in or out.

The great thing is, this is a free country, in which he has the hard-fought right to speak his mind.

The change that I long to see is the long-overdue repeal of Mississippi's Inspection Sticker law. It’s outdated, unfair, and, costly to both the State and its motorists alike. The State spends untold thousands of dollars on the infrastructure to enforce it, ties up valuable Law Officers' time in checking for stickers, and as some Tea Party people have said when referring to "Obamacare", at times, "People don't like being forced to buy something they don't need or want".

Several other States, including Arkansas, Florida, & Oklahoma have been successful at repealing Inspection Stickers. As of now, only 14 States require them. Fellow Mississippians, you pay enough taxes already-let's make this 13 States!.

Thanking you for your time.

Bobby Hathorn

Ellisville, MS


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