I keep hearing people in the media refer to those of us who survived Benghazi as "victims."

Let me tell you something — I'm no victim.

For 13 hours, while Hillary Clinton's State Department dithered, we engaged the enemy. We took the fight straight to the radical Islamic militants who wanted nothing but to kill and humiliate Americans. That was exactly what I signed up to do, and I'd do it again tomorrow.

Aside from my desire to hold Hillary Clinton accountable, I decided to launch Leading from the Front because it's time for America to stop being afraid of her own shadow.

We must get away from this culture of victimhood and self-doubt. America is the greatest nation in the world and we should never apologize for doing everything in our power to defeat radical Islam. It's a sick ideology that offers nothing but death and darkness.

Over 50,000 Americans have now joined my grassroots effort to wake up Washington to this threat, and today I'm calling on you to join me as well. But I'd like to go a step further and ask that you make a secure donation of just $5 or more.

Your donation will directly fund our ongoing advertising campaign and video series, national grassroots recruitment, policy development and upcoming swing-state townhall tour.

But in addition, by making a donation of $5 or more, you'll be automatically entered for the chance to join me, one-on-one, to have lunch and go shooting. We'll be covering all the travel and accommodations. Will you help out with a donation now?

The fact is Jim, radical Islam is at war with America, and we're slowly losing.

The real world consequences of the Obama-Clinton doctrine of "leading from behind" have been deadly — from the abandonment of Americans in Benghazi to the ongoing terror spree of ISIS to our weak-kneed nuclear deal with Iran.

The only way we will see a change in direction, and a real strategy for victory, is if we demand it. It's up to us, the American people, to light the fire.

That's my mission, and I'd be humbled if you were to join me. We have a lot of work to do.

Thank you for your time.


Kris "Tanto" Paronto

Chairman, Leading from the Front


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