If I were somehow able to address our Congress and Senate in assembly, I would have a few words to say:

One of your jobs is to support the men and women who serve and those who have served. If not for our Armed Forces, would America be a free sovereign Nation today? If you honorable members of the Congress and Senate want to help those who served America at the risk of life and hardship, will you support and care for those who survived? Those who now need help who are sick and those who will need future help and care who may become sick? Is America obligated or is she not obligated to her fighting men and women? I ask, who is accountable? I ask you to pass legislation to help those who are sick and may become sick, due to horror of war. I ask you to stand up if you believe America is obligated to care for its own in the service of their Country. Those of you who feel there is little to no obligation, then remain seated.

I, along with millions of Vietnam veterans were willing to give their life for their Country in time of war. "I, and all those others who served with Honor and dignity were not willing to give their life to a government who knowingly poisoned us".

My advocacy and mission is to help Vietnam veterans who are sick due to agent orange exposure. Veterans who did not have boots-on-ground, in most cases, can not qualify for VA disability. I write, why we need House Bill HR-3612 and Senate Bill S.1629 passed. These Bills will restore VA benefits for Vietnam veterans who need help. I ask the American people to write to Congress and Senate to support these Bills.

John J. Bury,


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