Boyd reminds voters of who he is

Randy Boyd

This is the first report of the 2020 Session of the Mississippi House of Representatives. As usual the Session started slowly. On Tuesday, January 7th, the House was sworn into office by the Secretary of State on that day, Delbert Hosemann. Then, on Thursday, seven of the eight statewide elected officials were sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court. The new Governor will be sworn in on January 14th. One piece of legislation was passed out of the Appropriations Committee and the full House. It was a deficit appropriation to fully pay for the Teacher raise passed last Session. School Districts were given enough money to cover the raise through March, so this money will pay the raise for the rest of the year. The number of current teachers given to the legislative leaders for calculating the budget amount for the raise was too small. So, now the school districts have been made whole on their budgets. Since this the first report after the election, I want to remind you of who I am and what I stand for in representing you. First and foremost, I am a Christian. I have given my heart and life to Jesus, my Savior. Because of this, I will seek to always represent you with honest and integrity. Second, my wife, Sherry and I have been married for 46 years on January 18th. I dedicated to her and our family. Tara Boyd Enlow, our first born, is a Nurse Practitioner in Fulton. Tara’s son, Ian, is our grandson and attends Itawamba Elementary School. Drew Boyd, our son, was lost to us in this life on October 30, 2008. However, he gave us a granddaughter, Taryn. Taryn attends the Mantachie Middle School. (That’s what she calls it.) The loss of Drew has pulled our family together. God gave us the grace to allow each other to grieve together, but in individual ways. God is good! Third, I will support education in Mississippi. Because of our grandchildren being in public schools, will support bills that will enhance our children’s opportunities to get a great education. I want our graduates to be able to get the jobs that are available in Mississippi. Fourth, I will, as have done in the last two terms, make myself available to everyone. I will continue to publish my personal telephone number and email anytime I have the opportunity. The thing I like best about serving you is helping people. I want to be your public servant as well as your representative. Fifth, I am unshakably a Conservative. I am prolife, pro-Second amendment and against excessive regulations on our freedoms. I think you can see the progress in our state and country under conservative leadership. Thank you for the handshakes, calls and emails. Your words of encouragement are very much appreciated. Please continue to pray for us and contact me if I can help you, or if you have a question/comment concerning any legislation. My cell number is 662-231-0133 and email is God bless, Randy.T

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