Boyd asks readers to vote “No” for initiative 65

Randy Boyd

We have a huge problem on the horizon Election Day. Initiative 65 is an attempt by a $14 billion industry to scam Mississippians. By installing this in our Constitution, Initiative 65 (I-65) would legitimize the smoking, vaping, using of water bongs, “ring pots,” gummy bears and “pot tarts” to consume marijuana. Constitutions are documents giving general guidelines of government for a state or country. Having this in our Constitution, will allow those controlling the sales of marijuana to make millions or billions of dollars. We would have to pass a new referendum to make any change. It’s crazy to put something like this in our guiding document. Under the guise of medicine and good intentions, people have misled. They say doctors are for this. The President of the Mississippi Medical Association has denounced this proposed amendment. The entire Mississippi State Medical Association, along with those representing nurses, sheriffs, cities, Baptists, Pentecostal, Farm Bureau, realtors, police chiefs and the American Family Action Network opposes I-65. This is a list of reasons to oppose Initiative 65: 1. No local government can restrict placement of pot shops, other than the 500 feet from schools, playground and churches which is the amendment. 2. It gives this industry and its rich investors a free ride in Mississippi. 3. Those on Medicaid and Medicare can’t use these programs to pay for it. 4. Why do they insist on selling products like gummy bears, “ring pots” and “pot tarts”? This could be very enticing to children. 5. How do we tell our children “don’t smoke marijuana,” when it is advertised as medicine and good for you? 6. Passing I-65 will send all fees to the Mississippi Department of Health (MDH). These funds do not help fund the organization, except to be poured back in to the growing/selling of marijuana. 7. I-65 will charge MDH with policing from seed to customer. MDH does not have the ability to meet these issues. 8. The amendment, I-65, allows an addiction-for-profit industry to pay no sales tax. 9. No other industry in Mississippi will have the protection asked for in I-65. 10. Marijuana has been ruled illegal by our federal government. Therefore, it must be a cash purchase. We need regulations for record keeping and procedures for handling the money. 11. Under the guise of medicine, this will give an addiction-for-profit business protection in our Constitution. We will have opened the door to addicting adults and children in our state. 12. No matter the good intentions, this is the wrong way to regulate this. I am not opposed to true medical marijuana prescribed by physicians and delivered properly. I am sure there are those who would greatly benefit from its use. 13. I-65 could have a huge effect on jobs in Mississippi. We have problems finding people who pass drug tests: I think this could multiply that problem. 14. If I-65 passes, how can we find new industry to come to Mississippi? 15. Passing I-65 into our Constitution will make it almost impossible to amend. The Legislature, Lt. Governor and the Governor will have “NO” authority related to true “medical marijuana”.

This industry is spending millions to try to persuade Mississippians to protect the marijuana industry in the State Constitution. PLEASE! DON’T YOU FALL FOR IT! Please help me serve you better.

Call me at 662-231-0133 or email God bless, Randy.

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