Bipartisan infrastructure bill, its effect on Mississippi


Last week, the United States Senate took bold steps to provide significant funding for roads, bridges, water & sewer, broadband and other vital forms of infrastructure. We believe Senator Wicker deserves thanks for his vote to provide approximately $3.6 billion to the state of Mississippi specifically for its road and bridge infrastructure needs.

Bipartisan legislation requires concessions to be made on both sides of the political aisle. That said, there are components of the bill that some may not like. But from a “big picture” perspective, the highway construction industry consensus is that this legislation will have an immense economic impact in Mississippi for decades. Countless jobs will be created, goods will be purchased, services will be rendered, and the safety and quality of life for our residents will increase due to this re-investment in our infrastructure system.

Provided it passes in the House of Representatives, this infrastructure funding package will send an additional $1 billion more than the previous 5-year package - funds which will go directly to the state’s infrastructure network. Almost immediately Mississippians will see tangible, real-world improvements like smoothly paved roads and safe and passable bridges.

No legislation is perfect; but we believe this piece of legislation is a win-win for Mississippi. We appreciate what Senator Wicker has done to provide significant funding for Mississippi’s infrastructure. Once again, we want to thank Senator Wicker for taking steps to improve our state’s infrastructure network. Looking forward we expect this bill to come up in the U.S. House of Representatives, and we encourage you contact your congressman and urge them to support this bill to improve Mississippi’s infrastructure.

Michael Arnemann Executive Director Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association

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