April is Community College Month

Jay Allen, Ph.D.

As the nation celebrates April as Community College Month, on behalf of Itawamba Community College, thank you for your continuing commitment to education, which prepares both youth and adults with the foundation to ensure a better future. In some instances, that education is lifelong learning, because we are never too old to learn and experience new avenues. For some, it is the completion of a degree, which took many years to achieve. For others, it is an opportunity to transition to a better job and a more promising future. And, for traditional high school students, it is the next step on a career pathway. As Itawamba Community College joins with the other 1,043 two-year institutions of higher learning in commemorating Community College Month, it is a time to reflect…on our past and our future, especially the last year, which due to COVID-19 has presented many challenges, but also significant learning experiences. Among those are that we can transition to virtual learning (almost overnight), work remotely and continue to provide the services for which ICC takes great pride, continuously sanitize our facilities and make significant decisions with students always at the forefront of each. It is because of our exemplary ICC family and the contributions of each that we have safely returned to face-to-face classes, student activities and in-person commencement celebrations, and in the fall semester, a feeling of normalcy. Community colleges are a vital part of America’s postsecondary educational delivery system, serving almost half of the undergraduate students in the United States. The education, which ICC provides, goes beyond traditional bricks and mortar with the significant impact of online instruction and makes possible the attainment of a degree any time, any place, anywhere, as we have witnessed this year! The success of all of our Itawamba Community College students is paramount. Thank you for your significant role in enabling ICC to provide the best start for residents of our area and beyond to attain their dreams and goals. And, most especially in the last year, thank you for being on the frontline to keep us engaged and involved with the latest news and how it impacts us as a community and our neighbors. You are the best!

Jay Allen, Ph.D. President Itawamba Community College

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