1820's flag from North Mississippi survives

The Peace Flag is at the Smithsonian Institute but not currently on display.

With the flag debate mostly over in Mississippi, readers might like to see this flag.

This flag flew over north Mississippi before that part of Mississippi was in the state and was still part of the Chickasaw Nation.

The US government presented this “Peace Flag” to the Chickasaws and they took it with them Indian Territory when they were removed from Mississippi in the 1830’s.

In researching this and located the flag for the Chickasaw Nation, I found out both the medal and flag are thought to have been presented to Chief Levi Colbert (Itawamba his Chickasaw name where the county gets it's name) in North Mississippi in appreciation of the Chickasaws service in the War of 1812. The history of the flag was stated in a newspaper during the 1800's by one of his descendants. "Peace Flags" also were given to Native American tribes carrying the same or similar meaning of loyalty and Peace from the United States. The eagle looks almost identical to the one in the seal of the State of Mississippi today.

The flag and a medal were at the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS), not displayed and lost to the memory of most everyone.

The OHS transferred the flag to the Chickasaws for a loan several years ago after I told them where it was located with a blacktie event at the unveiling. OHS wanted to retain the Peace medal and it still resides there. I have a photo of the flag attached. Although severely damaged, it is an extremely rare flag from Mississippi. Maybe at one time right in the Tupelo area. Also, attached is a rendition of what it would have looked like without the years of damage. I know of one other Peace flag that is now at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

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