Wedding on hold after man shoots his fiancée

Denton Sr.

Sometimes crime seems so haphazard, so crazy that it’s hard to explain.

Such was the case in an aggravated assault case in Nettleton where a man shot the woman he loved.

On Feb. 28, about 2 a.m., the Lee County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to residence on CR 100, Nettleton.

There had been a shooting involving a father, Donald J. Denton Sr.; a son, Donald J. Denton Jr.; the fiancée of Sr., Brittany Hankins; and an unnamed victim.

“The daddy, the son and this girl are going to get this boy over to their house, lure him inside to either rob him or assault him,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson. “They call this boy, the victim, and he comes over there. He backs into the driveway, but doesn’t get out of his vehicle.”

Hankins, 25, who made the call, goes out and gets into his 2007 GMC Yukon under the pretense of getting a ride to the store.

“That’s when the daddy and the son come outside, one has a long gun and one has a shotgun and they fire into the truck attempting to hit the male,” Johnson said.

Instead they shoot the female. The victim takes off out of the driveway, calls 911 and heads towards the hospital. The back glass and rear passenger window of the Yukon were broken and there were bullet holes in the dashboard.

“She’s shot with the shotgun in the back and the long rifle bullet cut a groove in the side of her face. It didn’t go through her head. We think she’ll make a full recovery,” Johnson said.

So were alcohol and or drugs involved in this early morning fiasco?

The sheriff smiled and said, “There’s a high probability, a very high probability.”

Denton, Sr., 45 and Denton, Jr., 23 were booked into the jail later that Friday morning.

Their bonds were set at $75,000 each and both were charged with aggravated assault.

Deputies seized a .30-caliber Mauser rifle and a H&R 12 gauge shotgun and took them in for evidence.

According to the sheriff Denton Sr. and Hankins were planning to marry.

“They were to get married the next day,” Johnson said. “That’s been put on hold. We’ve had an issue.”

The case will be presented to the next grand jury and Hankins could be charged.

The Lee County Sheriff's Department is located at 510 Commerce Street in Tupelo. Their number is (662) 841-9040.

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