Two in custody after shooting into vehicle

The two criminals

On Friday, March 26, 911 received a call from a female, who said she was driving a vehicle, that another vehicle was shooting at her vehicle and the passenger in the back seat had been hit.

“That’s about all we had to start with. They (victims) were chasing this vehicle and they (the suspects) were shooting at them,” said Lee County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Scotty Reedy. “The chase started at 363, went through Saltillo, came down into Tupelo and the suspect vehicle was apprehended by Lee County Deputies and the Tupelo PD.”

There were three adult victims, two males and one female in a 1-ton Dully. The suspects were in a small SUV, one adult male and one adult female, with two small children. The victims stopped at Papa V’s and suspects were caught at Main and Hwy. 45.

“Numberous shots had been fired,” Reedy said. “The male victim was transported to the hospital with wounds around the chest area. These were non-life threatening wounds.”

The two adult suspects were taken into custody. Wesley M. Mills, of Rienzi, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of shooting at a motor vehicle.

Kelsey D. Tyra, of Corinth, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of burglary, breaking out of a dwelling. The three counts comes from the fact that there were three victims in the other vehicle. The “burglary” charge is a little harder to explain right now.

“Without going into specific details the breaking out of a dwelling generally comes into play when somebody is in side the house legally, but a theft occurs and that person forces their way out,” Reedy explained.

“The burglary is the crime. They either broke into the house to do it, or you were in the house and broke out to get away from it,” added Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

According to the Mississippi Supreme Court, a burglar who is in a house can simply turn the door knob to get out — thereby committing a crime “turning a door knob and pushing it open forcefully.”

Mills, 32, had his bond set at $150,000. Tyra’s, 23, was $100,000. As of Wednesday, both were still in the Lee County Jail.

The investigation is ongoing, investigators are still annalizing evidence and could not speak specifically about the burglary which seems to have started the car chase and shooting.

“The possibility is there, it may have been a robbery or just a flat-out burglary. The victim came home and the female (suspect) in question, was already standing at the (victim’s) front door,” Reedy said.

“We can say we are confident this is an isolated incident, between the parties named,” Johnson added. “This is not a situation where we have random burglars randomly selecting homes to break into.”

Mills does have a previous criminal history. This seems to be Tyra’s first rodeo.

If you know anything about this case, call (662) 841-9040.

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