Tupelo woman attacks husband and mother with steak knife

Shameka Thompson

On Sept. 1, 2021, about 6 a.m., Lee County Sheriff Department Deputies responded to a 911 call in the Industrial Park area in Saltillo.

Upon arrival, Deputies found two individuals that had been assaulted with a knife and had multiple lacerations. Upon talking with the victims, they advised that a Shameka Thompson, of Tupelo, had assaulted them while traveling in a vehicle.

“It wound up being her husband and her mother who had been stabbed with the knife. When the driver stopped the vehicle, Thompson then got out of the vehicle and began chasing them with a steak knife. She (Thompson) has a mental disorder, but supposedly when she’s on her medicine she’s okay,” said Lee County Sheriff’s Department deputy Marius McKinnon. “The mother picked her up, then picked her husband up and she (Thompson) rode along with them to take him to work in Saltillo.

“While enroute about the Turner Industrial area, she got really angry about something, she didn’t want to go to work but he told her he was going to work. So in her mind the husband and mother were setting her up in some kind of way.”

Thompson then pulled out the knife and began the assault. The husband was cut across the nose, the torso and his hands. She then turned the knife on her mother, cutting her deep in the area of the web at the left thumb.

“Both were bleeding pretty bad, she stopped the car, he bailed out, then she bailed out and then the mom bailed out trying to stop her,” McKinnon said. “Around that time the deputies arrived.”

Deputies began following up the road. Thompson still had the knife in her hand but was taken into custody without incident. Thompson, 30, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault for aggravated domestic violence.

“She had been off her medicine for a little while,” McKinnon added.

Her bond was set at $50.000 and she remains in the Lee County Jail.

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