Tupelo man busted with pills, money

Stanley Quintez Haynes

A local man could have reserved the most luxurious room at a Tupelo hotel, ordered room service and had a very pleasant night, but instead decided to take a nap in his car and get arrested.

On Oct. 3, 2020, Lee County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the Mooreville Apartment complex for a suspicious vehicle.

“The vehicle was a black car, with the headlights on, and according to the caller, it had been sitting there for quite awhile,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson. “Deputies approached the passenger side of the car, and saw a male subject who appeared to be asleep in driver’s side. They knocked on the window and woke him up.”

After waking the driver up and speaking with him, deputies could see suspicious items in the vehicle. Stanley Haynes, of 313 Sagefield Drive, Tupelo, was the driver of the vehicle.

“He opened the passenger door and in plain view, there was a large amount of cash in the front right pocket of the car. He also had a large amount of cash in his right hand and in his left pocket,” Johnson said. “They also observed a yellow baggie, which contained a pill like substance, sitting in the center console. Deputies retrieved the bag, which did contain different colors of pills.”

The large amount of cash was $15,640. Haynes told officers he lived in Aberdeen but also had a home in Tupelo.

“Officers searched the driver’s side pocket and found several blue pills, that had an ‘M’ on them. At that point, the North Mississippi Narcotics Unit was called and the vehicle was towed,” Johnson said.

North Mississippi Narcotic Agents responded to the scene and took possession of the United States currency and pills. All the narcotics discovered inside the vehicle were sent to the Tupelo Crime Lab for analysis.

Haynes, 35, was charged with one felony, possession of Schedule II, Oxycodone, with other charges pending (according to what the crime lab finds out the other drugs are).

Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid drug prescribed for pain. The drug is derived from the poppy plant, and has high potential for abuse. It can cause respiratory distress and death when taken in high doses or when combined with other substances, especially alcohol.

Besides the cash, his vehicle was also seized. Haynes, who has booked into the Lee County Jail on nine previous occasions, had a bond of $15,000 set. He has since bonded out professionally.

On Oct. 5, a crime report was released about a disturbance in the Mooreville One Stop parking lot. It was a verbal altercation involving a woman and Haynes. He appeared to be trying to get away from the conflict. She was yelling at him. When deputies arrived, Haynes said no “physical altercation” took place and the woman was gone.

More information, related to this case, should be directed to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, 841-9040 or the North Mississippi Narcotics Unit, 844-4261.

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