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Publisher’s note: The paid political announcement column will start soon in The Lee County Courier soon. Candidates wishing information, can contact me by email — I will also be glad to send you a current rate sheet. Jim Cla

Qualifying of candidates for this spring’s municipal elections wrapped up last Friday. The ballots are set but, of course, could change as some aspirants to city offices could withdraw from some of the races; it happened in Oxford, where two candidates for alderman withdrew after qualifying due to an opinion by the Mississippi Attorney General’s office that a candidate must live within the ward (in the cases where cities have designated wards – some do not) they seek to represent at least two years prior to the election. The primary election is April 6 (all dates are Tuesdays). Any necessary runoffs will be April 27, while the general election is June 8. Voter registration ends 30 days before each election.

Candidates for the various Lee County municipal elections are listed in alphabetical, as are the municipalities themselves. Incumbents are not noted since they are not noted on ballots. Party affiliations, if any, are D for Democrat, R for Republican and I for Independent.

BALDWYN (All candidates run as Democrats.)

Mayor: Roslynn Clark, Michael James Police Chief: Troy Agnew, Roy Ragin Alderman at Large: Sherri M. Buse, Lynda B. Conlee Alderman Ward 1: Angeleque Agnew Beene, Lee Bowdry, Rhyne Howell Alderman Ward 2 Tonya Goodin Billips, Pamela McKinney Green, Tom Nelson Alderman Ward 3: Lamar Anderson, William “Bird”Agnew, Peggy Grice, Lakeisha Eades Isabell, Phil Rowan Alderman Ward 4: Beverly Eckford, Ricky Massengill, Tammie C. Waters

GUNTOWN (All candidates run as Independents.)

Mayor: Brent Lindsey Aldermen: Jimmy Anderson, Daniel Davis, Jeff Herring, Teena Herring, Petey Hopkins, Pam Taylor, Zach White, Hilary Rawson Whitehorn NETTLETON (All candidates run as Democrats.) Democratic Party Executive Committee: Scott A. Kitchens, Christy Minich, Kacey Riley, Joshua Robinson Mayor: Phillip W. Baulch, Mem Riley Chief of Police: Thomas Adams, Gary Monaghan Alderman at Large: Herbert Arnold, Nathan A. Moore, Sammy John Raper Ward 1: Mike Fulco, Levi Lee Ward 2: Jeff Finch Ward 3: Sheaneter Johnson Bogan, Iry L. Gladney, Eric Moore Ward 4: Daniel Lee


Mayor:Shelton Shannon Aldermen: Nathan Chisolm, Charles Heard, Sedrick Mabry, Ketrick Marion, Renee Morris, Vicki Rigby, Sextus Shannon

SALTILLO (All candidates run as independents.)

Mayor: Copey Grantham, Rex B. Smith Aldermen: Brandon Bailey, Scottie Clark, Ron Cottom (The Blindeye DJ), George (Dinky) Crowder, Donald Cullum, Gene Echols, Terry Glidewell, Scott Knight, Bill Monaghan, Brian Morgan, Brandon Sanders, Craig Sanders, Dylan Whitt, Sonya Hill Witcher


Mayor: Thomas Abernathy-D , Paul Lyles-D, Steve Weaver-I Alderman at Large: Jason Arledge-I, Sherry Gill-D, Jack Ivy-D Ward 1: Bryant Thompson-D Ward 2: Ricky Grubbs-D, Debbie Johnson-D, Joey McCord-D Ward 3: Lucy Blair-D, Andrea Estes-D Ward 4: Darlene Bowers-D, Charlie M. Foster-D, Kelvin Miller-D


Mayor: Victor Fleitas-D, Todd Jordan-R, Markel Whittington-R Ward 1: Geraldine Brinkley-D, Amanda Angle-R, Eric Hampton-R, Megan Kessler-R, Chad Mims-R Ward 2: Lynn Bryan-R, Candice Knowles-D, Demetra Sherer-D Ward 3: Travis Beard-R, Bradley Gillespie-R Maddie Ludt-D, Kenneth Wayne-D Ward 4: Greg “G-Hump” Davis-D, Nettie Davis-D Ward 5: Hannah Maharrey-D, Cecil Glenn Nabors-I, Buddy Palmer-R Ward 6: Mike Bryan-R, Janet Gaston-R, Sherri McClain-R Ward 7: Jerry Coleman-D, Willie Jennings-D, Rosezlia “Rosie” Jones-D

VERONA Mayor: Robert Trice-D, Bobby Williams-I Alderman At Large: Brenda Spurgeon-D, Jason Watkins-D Alderman Ward 1: Eddie Tucker-I Alderman Ward 2: Margaret Baker-I, Tamara Trice-D Alderman Ward 3: Jessie Gilmore-D Alderman Ward 4: Julian Riley-I, Seneca Nita Westbrook-I

Publisher’s note: The paid political announcement column will start soon in The Lee County Courier soon. Candidates wishing information, can contact me by email — I will also be glad to send you a current rate sheet. Jim Clark

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