Teenage car burglars jailed, out on bond

Tyson Channing Brown

On Aug. 22, 2020, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department received several complainants about burglary of automobiles in the area of County Road 811 near Jean Circle north of I-22.

This is the area off North Veterans, where Hodge’s Construction Company, Cedar Grove Pentecostal Church and Elvis Presley Lake are.

“That’s where these car burglars attack — congested areas, where there are a lot of cars parked and they go driveway to driveway until they find one unlocked,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson. “Of course, it’s night time or early morning — dark.”

During the course of this investigation, it was determined that a possible suspect in these cases was a Tyson Channing Brown, 18, who was living in the area of Road 811 near where the burglaries had occurred.

“This guy got a bunch of guns, which were left in the unlocked vehicles,” Johnson said. “I questioned him and asked him ‘out of 10 cars, how many would be unlocked?’ and he said about five.”

Investigators with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department were able to locate Tyson Brown and were also able to locate several items that were reported stolen in the burglaries and recovered those stolen items.

“When I talk to someone, young like this — certainly it’s about solving the case, making sure we have the responsible party, but we really want to get into what’s driving these people to do this. If we can’t get to that part — it’s almost like catch and release fish. They are always going to bite the hook. If you find out what bait they like, they’ll quite biting that hook,” Johnson said.

Among those arrested for burglary, approximately 70% to 88% tested positive for at least one illicit drug, with the most common drugs being marijuana, cocaine, and opiates. Based on these data, it appears that there is a distinct relationship between drug use and burglary.

“This young man is about 19, dropped out of school. I asked him, ‘when you were young, I know some teacher said - what do you want to be when you grow up? Did you say break into cars?’ He said, ‘No, I wanted a college eduction.’ He’s very smart. He wanted to own his own business, and had hopes and dreams,” Johnson said. “We have to get to them before they become career criminals. I told him it wasn’t too late and he could use his experiences to help other kids.”

During this investigation, it was determined that there were at least five to six vehicles that were burglarized in the area of County Road 811. At this time, Brown was charged with five counts of burglary of an automobile and will be presented to the Lee County Grand Jury at the first of the year with possible other charges presented at that time.

Brown was currently out on other charges and bond in Itawamba County where he was charged, and awaiting Grand Jury, on 13 counts of burglaries of automobiles in Itawamba county from an earlier this year.

Also arrested in this investigation, was an Autumn J. Long, a 19-year-old female from the County Road 811 area. During the investigation it was determined that Long was not directly involved in the burglaries of the automobiles committed by Brown, but she was connected.

“Some of the property we recovered was in her possession. Some of the credit cards and other items, that came out of the cars, she used,” Johnson said.

She was charged with one count of ‘False ID, fraudulently obtaining goods or services.’

Brown was released on a professional bond. His bond was $50,000.

Long was released on a property bond. Her bond was $25,000.

If you have additional information about this crime, please call (662) 841-9040.

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