Tax Assessor warns citizens about “recorded deed notice” scam

Mark Weathers holds up copy of scam letter arriving in Lee County now.

The Lee County Tax Assessor warns citizens to be on the lookout for a letter/bill from Property Profile Inc. in Glendora, Calif.

“About a week ago I got the first letter, then some more came in so I got concerned,” said Lee County Tax Assessor Mark “Winky” Weathers. “It’s basically people trying to fraud you out of your own money.”

The letter suggests that all homeowners obtain a copy of their property assessment profile which includes a complimentary copy of your current grant deed. The Property Profile, Inc. say they’ll send a copy of your “deed” for $86.

“They’re charging you $86 for something you could get here for $10 or free,” Weathers said. “These people are just offering your deed information and most everybody already has a copy of their deed.”

The scam does look official and is most likely aimed at seniors. It has information in the letter such as the year the house was built, square footage, and carrier code. All of this information was obtained by Property Profile Inc. off the internet. PPI also tells the receiver of the letter that this is not something you have to pay for — it says “This service to obtain a copy of your property assessment profile is not associated with any governmental agency. You can obtain a copy of your grant deed or other record of title from the County recorder in the County where your property is located for a nominal fee.”

“It’s legal and it isn’t. There’s a fine line. They are trying to trick you into paying for something that’s already available to you at our office. We just want people to be aware of this,” Weathers said.

So does Property Profile Inc. really send people anything and what does the Lee County Tax Assessor recommend you do with this piece of mail if you get one?

“I don’t know if these people send anything or not, but I’m not going to send any of my money to find out,” Weathers said and laughed. “My recommendation is just throw it out.”

If anyone has any questions, they can call the Lee County Tax Assessor’s office at (662) 432-2700.

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