On December 22, 2021, around 2 p.m., someone called 911 to report a shooting at CR 746, Plantersville.

Deputies and Investigators arrived at the scene along with a NMMC Ambulance service.

Scotty Reedy, Chief Investigator at Lee County Sheriff Department and Investigator Marius McKinnon have taken the lead on the case.

While on the scene a male subject was found in the residence deceased. The Lee County Deputy Coroner pronounced the victim deceased at the scene.

“It was a 911 call by the person, who drove up to the house and found the deceased,” Reedy said. “We do not know at this point if he (the deceased) knew them (the shooter(s), due to the circumstances of what all had gone on in that house, as far as alleged drug trafficking, things of that nature.”

Justin Mayfield, a 39-year-old black male, was found dead in the bathroom of the house he lived in.

“The exact motive is not known for sure yet, but we suspect it was a robbery. We have interviewed numerous folks, witnesses that were there and what some call ‘street talk.’ We found some of it credible but we have disproven quite a bit of it,” Reedy said. “I bet we’ve had six, seven, eight (tips) ...”

“More,” McKinnon said.

The crime scene was processed by Criminal and Narcotic Investigators from Lee County processed the scene and found large amounts of cash, marijuana and weapons.

Witnesses in the area initially reported seeing a white Dodge Charger, occupied by two males, one white and one mixed race. They also claimed there was a flashing light on the dash of the vehicle.

“Basically that first information we put out is pretty much what you’ve been told. They (the suspects) are not old, we believe they are younger. There were attempts made to disguise their appearance. This was not a house party,” Reedy said. “There were three individuals there, the deceased, a person he knew very well and that witnesses’ girlfriend or wife. She was outside at the time.

“There was not a party going on but there was a good bit of traffic going in and out of that place.”

The evidence found on the scene would suggest there were some drugs being sold there. The white Dodge Charger was questionable early, and investigators aren’t sure about the make or model.

“Like anything else we take that with a grain of salt. It could be any other white mid-sized sedan. Some people are not very familiar with cars, and some are,” Reedy said. “We were initially told there was a flashing light, which we do know there have been people driving around in white sedans, who have stopped folks.”

In the state of Mississippi, a blue flashing light is strictly for law enforcement purposes only. Many times law enforcement have found citizens mistake white for blue.

Anyone with information, on these suspects in the white car or about the shooting is asked to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, (662) 841-9040 or Crimestoppers, 800-773-8477.

“Let’s just say McKinnon and I, and others, didn’t get the full holiday off. We still have a lot of interviews to do, because getting up with folks during the holidays is not easy,” Reedy said. “I won’t say if, but when we catch these guys, we can release more.”

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