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 Jeffrey Chrestman signs in to vote at the J.T. Neely Center in Tuesday's general election with poll workers Candria Lewis, left, and Veronica Bogan as Charlie Hankins waits at the door for more voters. Turnout was light in most elections, with mayoral, council and aldermen positions decided in municipalities where positions were not decided in earlier party primaries.

Tuesday was general election day for many towns and cities across Mississippi and Lee County was no exception.

Most races not already settled by party primaries during weeks past have been decided. The results below are not official since absentee and affidavit ballots must still be counted and elections certified in many locales.

In Tupelo, where incumbent Democratic Mayor Jason Shelton had decided not to run for a third term, Republican Todd Jordan defeated Democrat Victor Fleitas 3,886 to 2,204.

In Ward 1’s City Council contest, Chad Mims bested Geraldine Brinkley, 707-168. Lynn Bryan won against Demetra Sherer in Ward 2, 383-231. Ward 3 saw Travis Beard beat Kenneth Wayne 442 to 342. A three-way contest in Ward 5 went to Buddy Palmer, who defeated Hannah Maharrey and Cecil Nabors, 506-243-16. Ward 6 was taken by Janet Gaston, who beat Rasheeda Iyanda, 1,187-160.

Guntown’s election for aldermen resulted in five winners. They and their vote totals are Petey Hopkins (182), Zach White (171), Jeff Herring (151), Teena Herring (147) and Daniel Davis (146).

The Plantersville aldermen’s race was won by Sextus Shannon (216), Charles Heard (184), Sedrick Mabry (177), Nathan Chisholm (150) and Renee Morris (119). Paul Lyles defeated Steve Weaver for Shannon mayor, 257-100. The city’s alderman at large seat went to Sherry Gill, who defeated Jason Arledge 183-175.

Bobby Williams remains Verona mayor against challenger Robert Trice, 237-145. In alderman races, Margaret Baker beat Tamara Trice 52-39 in Ward 2. Julian Riley won Ward 4 against Nita Westbrook, 59-41.

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