Pot being tested, could be laced

Notorious Kennedy

On June 13, a Tupelo couple were arrested at their Tupelo Trace apartment on Mitchell Road for felony offenses.

Notorious ‘TeeKay’ Kennedy, 23 and Destiny Brand, 21, were both busted for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute; enhanced by a firearm.

The North Mississippi Narcotics Unit along with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team conducted the search warrant.

“We had gotten some information, like we do most of the time, from the general public of some suspicious activity so we set up surveillance and watched until we were sure we had something,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

Lee County agents seized over a pound of marijuana, two firearms and $3,651 in U.S. currency.

“For our area this a large amount of marijuana and we have some information it might be laced with something (another drug) so we’re having it tested,” Johnson said.

Marijuana can be laced with other psychoactive drugs to produce varied psychoactive effects. Some of these other drugs may include: lead or other heavy metal, glass, fungus and bacteria, PCP, heroin, embalming fluid, laundry detergent, LSD, methamphetamine, Ketamine or cocaine.

Lacing is a very common practice for some drugs, particularly drugs like cocaine that are often laced with other substances to bulk up the amount of the original product and gain more profits. Other drugs that are sold by weight may also laced be with other substances in order to add weight or bulk them up to enhance their profitability.

This is not Kennedy’s first arrest. In January of 2017 he was involved in the Theron Nichols Park shootings. Two youths were wounded by the shots. At the time, seven men and one juvenile were identified and jailed by the Tupelo Police Department. Kennedy, one of those men, was charged with aggravated assault and had a bond set at $250,000. The victims were released from North Mississippi Medical Center after being treated.

Any information related to this case should be phoned in to (662) 844-4261 or (662) 841-9040.

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