Nettleton felon caught Wednesday morning

Randy Benson Victim, left and Bradley Kevin King Shooter

The shooter involved in the Richmond murder was picked up Wednesday a.m., July 28, at Tombigbee State Park.

Bradley Kevin King, of Nettleton, was taken into custody by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the United States Marshals Service.

On Saturday, July 24, 2021, about 10 p.m., 911 dispatched the Lee County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) to a residence in the Richmond Community regarding a shooting in progress.

Upon arrival, deputies cleared the residence and the surrounding area and began their search for a suspect. They first discovered the victim, a 59-year-old male, with multiple gunshot wounds.

The investigation began immediately, the Lee County Coroner Carolyn Green was called and the victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

Green later identified the shooting victim as Randy Benson, 59.

Investigators said, while assessing the scene, it appeared there was some type of altercation inside the house that led to the shooting. After meeting with several witnesses, they identified the suspect as King, who was a longtime acquaintance of the victim.

Information obtained said King had fled the scene in a small, gray, newer model SUV with an unidentified driver.

On Tuesday, Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson held a brief press conference and announced, “We currently have charges on him for murder.”

King was previously arrested and stayed in the Lee County Jail numerous times for misdemeanor charges. He also had previous charges stemming from Monroe County.

“The Monroe County Sheriff confirmed they’d had a run-in with Mr. King, with a weapon,” Johnson said. “The sheriff said they were involved in a stand-off and at the end, he (King) was threatening to take his own life, but he did not do it.”

Some other media and social posts have been trying to connect this Richmond murder with the other shootings in the city of Tupelo.

“I do want to say, and clear the air today that our shooting is a complete isolated incident between two individuals,” Johnson said. “We do know these two (Benson and King) knew each other well. He (King) did not force his way in, he was welcomed inside this house and whatever happened — happened and a life was taken.”

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department has been to this house before, due to narcotics, but law, right now, are not saying for sure that the shooting was drug related.

At presstime on Wednesday, the sheriff held another briefing, told of King’s capture and alluded to a third arrest, possibly the driver who whisked King away.

“During this investigation, we discovered evidence that compelled us to charge John Nathan Collier of Nettleton with hindering prosecution and accessory after the fact,” Johnson said. “While this investigation is still on-ongoing, we are very glad that no other lives were lost and that Mr. King is no longer a danger to our community.”

If you have more information, related to this case please call the LCSD at (662) 432-2600.

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