Murder  suspects back in  custody

Andrego Gaston, 34, is at the Lee County Jail

Andrego Gaston, 34 and Roy Miller, 39 who are wanted as suspects for a couple murders, which took place in center of Verona on Sept. 17, are back in custody.

On Oct. 14, the Tupelo Police Department picked up Gaston in Tupelo and he was placed in the Lee County Jail, where he remains.

“Right now he’s being held here without bond, from previous charges, from when he didn’t appear before the Lee County Circuit Court,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

Those charges include felon in possession of a firearm, felony eluding/fleeing, possession of cocaine, possession of Methamphetamine, possession of crack cocaine and sale of crack cocaine.

Verona Assistant Police Chief Johnny Patterson said, “We are waiting for the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and the Tupelo Police Department to finish their interviews with him. They don’t want us over there until they are done.”

“We have absolutely nothing to do with this case and they (Verona) can come interview him anytime they want to,” Johnson said.

Miller was picked up in Atlanta, Georgia and remains there waiting extradition. He was tagged by the U.S. Marshals Service.

“I understand he’s fighting extradition, so we’re just waiting on that,” Patterson said.

Miller is no stranger to the Lee County Jail, having been booked in at least nine times on over 20 charges, many drug related.

Gaston had nearly 50 charges and had been booked into the jail 18 times.

Verona Police Chief Marsenio Nunn said the shooting happened at Young Drive and Main Street.

Thomas Tre Guido, 35, of Okolona and Harvey Lee Russell, 58, of Verona were pronounced dead after being transported to North Mississippi Medical Center.

Guido appeared to have been shot in the back. At first, witnesses told Nunn that Russell had been struck by the suspect’s vehicle as he left the scene.

“Initially they said the old guy got run over, but the coroner later discovered he was ‘possibly’ shot,” Nunn said.

Though law enforcement can’t say what the motive was, there are whisperings the case is drug related.

Initially the two were just wanted for questioning.

“Yes, they are suspects in the murders,” Patterson said. “We have no other suspects except for them.”

It’s now a waiting game, for law enforcement to finish interviews and officially charge Gaston and Miller with murder. The Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which is run through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), played an important role in capturing the convicts.

Any information or questions should be directed to the Verona Police Department, 566-2215.

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