Mooreville  female stabbed by  career criminal

Jamie Eaton

Some people are drawn to trouble, like a moth hangs around a porch light at night.

That’s the case with Jamie Eaton, of Saltillo, who got in trouble twice in the same day.

On March 11, Lee County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a prowler. The homeowner said Eaton was on his property and had no business being there. Eaton was found, by deputies, on the homeowner’s front porch. Eaton told law enforcement he owned the house and gave a false name “Chris Stacks.”

Also on March 11, a female told 911 she had received a call from a female friend, that she’d been stabbed by Eaton. The incident took place in Mooreville.

“This other female had picked her up to carry her to the hospital. The victim, who was stabbed, had a roommate who dated him (Eaton) so that’s your connection,” said Lee County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Scotty Reedy. “She was stabbed middle of her torso, on her side, she was all bandaged up when we got there. It had something to do with an argument about something Jamie had done.”

Eaton, 28, remains in the Lee County Jail charged with felony domestic violence and aggravated assault. He also faces misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and false ID.

Eaton was on probation from the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC).

When asked if Eaton had been in trouble before, Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson said and smiled, “He’s got his own room here.”

“He’s been booked in on 63 different charges. Most of those charges were either drug or theft related. MDOC has a hold on him,” Reedy said. “I will be presenting him at the next grand jury as a habitual offender. He has four prior felonies.”

Habitual Offender is part of Mississippi's Three Strikes Law. If a person has two prior felony convictions, one of which is a crime of violence, and has served at least a year on each, the defendant will be sentenced to life without parole on a third conviction.

The Lee County Sheriff's Department is located at 510 Commerce Street in Tupelo. Their number is (662) 841-9040.

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