Law needs help locating  remaining robbery suspect

J’manne Phelps

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department needs help locating one individual, who is connected to a home burglary under investigation.

The incident took place at CR 811 in Tupelo.

There were two suspects Lamarquarvious Jarquez Patton, 20, of Verona and J’manne Phelps, 20, of Tupelo. Patton is now in custody and charged with burglary of a residence and breaking and entering. His bond was set at $50,000 and he remains in the Lee County Jail.

According to a crime report, on Feb. 4, the complainant said a black female suspect came over to his house to visit. The suspect asked to use his bathroom and was gone for a lengthy amount of time.

When she came out of the bathroom she told him she had to leave, shut the door and left.

It was then the man saw two black males inside his garage on his home security system. He hid in his closet and dialed 911.

“The only thing he was sure was missing was an ipad,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson. “The female suspect later admitted to bringing the two (Patton and Phelps) with her. She has been arrested.”

It was later discovered electronic equipment, car keys and keys to the home were taken.

The female suspect Laiha Cassados, also 20, was charged and arrested for burglary of a residence. She has since posted bond.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Phelps call 911, the sheriff’s office 662-680-5766 or crimestoppers 1-888-773-TIPS.

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