It’s time to  enjoy the best crimes of 2020

The Courier is making fun of me

As a continuing tradition at The Lee County Courier runs the best crime reports from the passing year.

So snuggle up with your spouse, or call an old friend who could use some cheering up and dive into the craziest, most unusual or just plain dumb crime reports from 2020.

Hwy. 178, Skyline, trespassing. a man said he came to clean some property he had in Skyline. He saw a female pick up a bucket off his property. She used the bathroom in the bucket and dumped the contents on his property, 12-21.

Mitchell Road, Tupelo, malicious mischief, a man said he and his fiancée began arguing over a relationship matter. He said he let her use his cell phone. She told him she broke his phone and threw it out the window. He said the argument continued throughout the day. He said she keyed his vehicle, busted out the back glass and damaged the side mirror, 1-9.

CR 600, Shannon, disturbance, a woman said she fell asleep at “Mr. Bill’s” house after smoking meth. She thinks “Mr. Bill” used her truck last night while she was sleeping. When she woke up “Mr. Bill” had her keys. He wouldn’t give them back until she called 911, 1-14.

CR 660, Plantersville, welfare concern, a man said a woman was being held against her will by her husband at their residence. He said her husband, the suspect, was not allowing her or her children leave. He wanted deputies to conduct a welfare concern. Deputy spoke with the couple, they both said they were fine and it was a big misunderstanding. She said her husband just found out she was having an affair with the caller. She does not know why he would contact law enforcement and that she was not being held against her will. Neither of the couple seemed to be in any kind of distress or have any injuries, 2-10.

Hwy. 178, Tupelo, trespassing, simple assault, harassment, a woman said her ex-wife came onto her property uninvited. She said the suspect has been following her. She said her ex-wife sent her a text message threatening to beat her up when she sees her. She said the suspect has been texting her non-stop for two weeks. She said the suspect also threatened to beat her female friend up. She said the suspect made a fake Facebook page in her name, 2-23

Noel Drive, Saltillo, petit larceny, a woman said she has someone prowling around her property. She said an air compressor was taken from her carport. She found this written in chalk on her carport floor, “Creep, creep and Scary Sea the Clown were here,” 3-4.

Margaret Lane, Tupelo, possible prowler, deputies were dispatched to a home in reference to someone allegedly beating on the front door. It turned out a Valentine’s Day balloon, belonging to her child, was caught between the ceiling fan and the ceiling. Each revolution of the fan blade caused the balloon to repeatedly bang against the ceiling and it sounded like beating on the front door, 3-15.

CR 1463, Nettleton, unauthorized use of a vehicle, a man said he loaned his vehicle to a guy everyone calls “Buzzard.” He didn’t know his real name. He said the vehicle was a white Dodge 1500 2008 pickup with an Itawamba tag, the truck is missing a mirror and has a “Mossy Oak” sticker on the back glass. Buzzard hasn’t brought it back. He doesn’t know the tag # or the VIN # or where Buzzard lives, 4-5.

Hwy. 371 South, Tupelo, trespassing, a woman said three white females were on her property without her permission. She said one female took all her clothes off. The females left the property, headed towards the creek by her house, 4-9.

Mitchell Street, Tupelo, malicious mischief, a woman said her fiancé got mad at her and slashed her tires. He also grabbed her purse and dumped all the contents in a big puddle outside of her apartment. Then he threatened to hit her with an ashtray but never did. She said he left the scene driving a black Ford Expedition with a Colorado tag, 6-27.

CR 1390, Mooreville, burglary, a man said an unknown white male broke into his house. His wife got up and went into the kitchen. She found a naked man sitting at their kitchen table, drinking a Dr. Pepper, he’d taken from their refrigerator. The suspect jumped up and said, “Oh my God, I thought everyone was dead and I was the only one left.” The husband heard the commotion so got up. When he saw the suspect in his home, he went back to get his pistol. He walked back into the kitchen and told the suspect to leave. The suspect left. He saw the individual broke into his house by pulling the window air conditioner out in the bedroom. The individual used his garden hose to wash off, before leaving. He’d never seen the man before, 7-5.

Blue Gill Lane, Guntown, verbal dispute, a woman said her husband, the suspect, has been calling her names and verbally abusing her. She said they have been having issues. She thinks he has been slowly putting poison in her food, drinks and shampoo. She also said she had done meth the past two days, 7-8.

DR 405, Saltillo, phone harassment, scam, a man said girls keep calling his cellphone, trying to get him to buy photos of nude women, 9-10.

CR 506, Tupelo, malicious mischief, a woman said while she is sleeping two females, she knows, are staying under her house. She said they are tearing the pipes out from under the house. She said this has been going on for two months. They are also running their horses through her fences every night, 9-14.

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