Help us locate one more felon

Don Edward Kimble

Back in March of this year, the Lee County Courier ran an article asking for the public’s assistance in capturing five felons.

Since then, four of those have either been arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department or another law enforcement agency.

One remains on the lam, a very dangerous felon, charged with rape — Don Edward Kimble.

“Mr. Kimble is a registered sex offender who was convicted in December of 1993 in Jefferson County, Ala. for second degree rape,” said Lee County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Rachel Clock. “He had listed 1500 McCullough Blvd, as his address on his registry. That’s the Super 7 Motel (and at one time Super 6) so I contacted them.

“They said he hadn’t lived there for quite awhile. The phone number he had given is not in operation, and we can’t find utilities in his name, so he’s in the wind.”

Kimble has to register every 90 days no mater if he’s moved or not. He has not and no one has reported his location. There are currently 234 registered sex offenders in Lee County.

“Dan Kimble is M.I.A. (missing in action). He’s been entered into our National Data Base so if he has any contact with law enforcement, they’d run him and he’s show up as a wanted person,” Clock said. “We haven’t had any tips on him. That’s very unusual.”

As mentioned earlier, the other four felons are in custody.

Jason Wright and Rita Navarrete were living as a couple in a camper, in Nettleton, near the Itawamba County line. They were both wanted for felony child abuse.

“They were in your last article, and we posted them on Facebook®. Our deputies got some tips about where they were so they found them,” Clock said. “They were taken into custody without incident.”

It’s a case which will stick with investigators, because it involved an infant and terrible living arrangements.

“We received an anonymous tip, on our hotline, awhile back about a baby, who was in a camper, so the sheriff and I went to check on it,” said Clock. “The child was in the care of these two in just really deplorable conditions ... it was just disgusting.”

Navarrete identified herself as the child’s great aunt, she claimed the child’s grandmother was her sister. Law enforcement found out she was not the aunt, but actually the grandmother. The child belongs to Chloe Ledlow.

“Miss Ledlow did arrive on the scene — after meeting with her, talking with her, we determined she didn’t have anything to do with the neglect of the child,” Clock said.

The mother did leave the baby with Wright and Navarrete under what law enforcement refered to as “desperate circumstances.”

“The child tested positive for methamphetamine while in the care of Navarrete and Wright,” Clock added.

In June of 2018, Navarrete, then 35, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, for a drug court violation.

Joshua Crump had been charged with secretly photographing for lewd purposes and distribution of pornography to a minor.

“Mr. Crump is actually in our custody as of yesterday (Monday) afternoon,” Clock said. “He was picked up in Nashville. Since he entered into that data base, he popped when stopped. So we transported him down here yesterday.”

He had a bond set of $10,000, but other charges are pending as of presstime.

“We received a report, just before Christmas, from a female who said Mr. Crump had secretly video taped her in her bedroom while they were being intimate,” Clock said. “He later sent the video to her son, who was 17. Mr. Crump has a very violent past.”

In 2018, Crump, was arrested by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office on March 28 and charged with two counts of possession of firearms by a convicted felon and possession of a controlled substance. Crump had been living in Alcorn County.

“They (Crump and the victim) were boyfriend, girlfriend for quite awhile and she said he made a joke ‘you can’t leave me — I got that video of you doing ....’ and then later said he was just playing. Next thing she knows the son has the video.”

Vito Richard Balice, is wanted by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department for the felony charge of exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Balice, 51, had a last known address of 146 Spencer Road, in Fulton. Balice was accused of reportedly taking several checks from an individual and cashed those checks for approximately $9,000 without his permission or authority. During the investigation it was determined that Balice took advantage of an elderly citizen and scammed him into giving Balice the checks. Balice used the pretense that he was doing paving work on a driveway of the victim, however it was determined that there was no work done to the driveway as demanded and insisted by Balice.

Investigator Bobby Bean is handling this case for the Lee County Sheriff’s Department.

“He’s not here, but we know where he is,” Bean said. “He’s locked up in Lowdnes County. They have an embezzlement case on him and other jurisdictions, besides us, have charges against him too.”

Back on January 26, 2021, Balice was apprehended by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on felony warrants from both the Lowndes and Lee County sheriff’s departments. In a joint press conference, the sheriffs asked for the public to report any paving scam incidents or dealings with Balice to build on their cases.

According to a press release from the MCSO, Balice has recently worked in areas from Lowndes County, up the I-22 corridor to as far away as Olive Branch.

If you have any more information about any of these felons, call (662) 841-9040 immediately.

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