Guntown man back behind bars on grand larceny charges

Kendall Corey Tackitt

A Guntown man must love the accommodations at the Lee County Jail, having been booked in 16 times prior and he’s once again back behind bars.

Kendall C. Tackitt, 31, is charged this time, so far, with two counts of felony grand larceny and one count felony taking of a motor vehicle.

His current bond was set at $28,499.

“He’s charged with felony taking of a motor vehicle. In that case he stole a truck from Willis Brothers Motors, in Skyline. The truck was actually there on consignment. An individual owned it and they brought it out there, to sell it and Kendall liberated them of the vehicle,” said Will Morgan, an investigator with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department.

The vehicle has been recovered after being abandoned by Tackitt who led officers a brief foot pursuit, claiming he thought someone was chasing him.

“Another charge was possession of stolen property, that being a vehicle which was stolen from Hwy. 78, it was broken down. He was actually caught on camera with it at a scrap yard,” added another investigator Drew Chisholm.

Tackitt has had numerous charges in the past burglary, theft, larceny — “That’s his thing,” Morgan said.

“All of it to further his used of narcotics,” Chisholm said.

There is also a third felony charge, dealing with a trailer, which law enforcement could not release all the details on, as the investigation is still ongoing.

On LinkedIn, Tackitt has listed himself at a handyman “self-employed.”

If Tackitt were to bond out of the Lee County Jail, he would be immediately taken to the Itawamba County Jail, who has a hold on him for other criminal activities.

If you have more information, related to this case please call the LCSD at (662) 432-2600.

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