Get set to have fun this Saturday

For more information about the Dogtrot Rockabilly Festival or the museum call Rae Mathis Guess, curator, at 662-841-6438.

Those looking for family fun are in luck — the 4th Annual Dogtrot Rockabilly Festival is this Saturday, Oct. 15 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The festival will be packed with contests including a Mustache & Beard Contest, The Rockabilly Pin-Up Contest (family friendly), the Rat Rod Roundup and Cow Patty Bingo.

“They can actually make some money playing Cow Patty Bingo,” said Boyd Yarbrough, president of the Friends of Oren Dunn. “We’ve got a grid marked out there, and we bring in a cow or calf, let it do its business and if that cow lands on your number you win the pot.

“The pot is half of the proceeds of ticket sales and the museum gets the other half.”

Tickets are $10 each. They can be purchased at the museum or from board members of Friends of Oren Dunn. Those members are Boyd Yarbrough, Harry Collins, Greg Pegues, Bobby Wages, Dennis Hall, Buddy Palmer, Susie Dent, and Jim Clark.

“They can even call the museum and someone will deliver tickets to them,” said Yarbrough.

Another big draw is the Rat Rod Roundup. Entry fee is $10 per car. There are 6 trophy categories: Best of Show, Best Rat Truck, Best Rat Car, Patina Perfection, Most Unusual and Top Model Art.

“A Rat Rod is an automobile that has been assembled from all different kinds of cars and they usually aren’t in what I’d call pristine condition,” Yarbrough said. “They’re usually rusted-out hulls but are fun to chug around in.”

The festival will also have arts & crafts vendors, a bake sale and for lunch a grilled Polish sausage, chips and a drink for only $6.

Kids will have a blast playing old-fashioned games, on the inflatables and taking a ride around the park in a wagon.

“It’s a free day for most things,” Yarbrough said. “We do have two things that cost — the inflatables and the wagon ride but you can just buy a wrist band for $5 and that gives you unlimited use throughout the day.

“And there’s a cap of $25 so the whole family can have a good time and not be out a lot of money.”

Of course, the glue that holds the festival together is the rockabilly music which will play all day long.

“Rockabilly is not really country, not really rock ‘n’ roll … it’s the beginnings of rock ‘n’ roll,” Yarbrough said.

The music was driven by some of the biggest names in the business — Johnny Cash, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Bob Luman, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

For more information about the Dogtrot Rockabilly Festival or the museum call Rae Mathis Guess, curator, at 662-841-6438.

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