Familiar felon back in lockup after  aggravated assault

Daniel Mark Mayo

A Lee County man, who has a criminal history reaching back to 2001, has once again wound up with three meals and a cot at the Lee County Mississippi Detention Center.

On May 21, 2021, Daniel Mark Mayo, 38, was arrested at his home after being accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend. The house is in the Pratts Community.

She was walking along Highway 370 East, near Baldwyn, where an off-duty officer approached her.

The crime report read, “Mrs. ___ stated on May 19, Mr. Daniel Mark Mayo tied her up with a rope and held her against her will. Mrs. ___ stated that on May 20, she was fed by Mr. Mayo. On May 21, Mrs. ___ was able to use her teeth and loosen the rope in order to escape.”

“She was obviously assaulted, multiple times in multiple fashions by Mr. Mayo, who was her boyfriend and who she shared a residence with,” said Drew Chisholm, Criminal Investigation Division at the Lee County Sheriff’s Department. “We do know there was something used (during the assault) outside of hands based on the level the investigation is now.”

Mayo has been charged with felony aggravated domestic assault.

The victim was transported to North Mississippi Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

“We obtained a search warrant and went to the home. There were things that lined up as described by the female victim,” Chisholm said. “So we found evidence on the scene which supported her story, besides her injuries. We still are processing items, we did collect, which were used during the assault.”

The investigation is ongoing, more charges are likely and the case with be presented to an upcoming Grand Jury.

Back in 2014, Mayo was charged with two counts of aggravated assault. During that incident, Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson said, “Upon our arrival, we found a vehicle which had two rounds fired into it. The female passenger and Mayo had had a child together. “She was now in the vehicle with another man. Mayo came to their house, blocked their vehicle in, got out, walked up to the driver’s side and fired into the headrest. He then walked around to the passenger’s side and fired another round. They ducked down, got down in the floorboard and then he (Mayo) took off.”

That time around his bond was $250,000.

“His back charges (prior to 2021) range from petit larceny to grand larceny, simple assault to aggravated assault ... he has a lengthy criminal history on both side of those spectrums,” Chisholm added.

This time around, Mayo was given a bond of $50,000 and as of presstime Wednesday, remains in the Lee County Jail.

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