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The Tupelo Economic Recovery Task Force (TERTF) announced today the launch of “Mask Up, Tupelo!” in support of Tupelo’s mask ordinance and other socially responsible practices known to slow the spread of COVID-19, including hand washing and social distancing.

The goal of the campaign is to encourage citizens to do their part to protect one another, to support the local healthcare system and frontline workers, to prevent forced shutdowns, to preserve citizen livelihoods, and to ensure that, post-pandemic, residents find a community brimming with the same wonderful businesses that have propelled Tupelo's strong economy for decades.

To that end, the citizen-led task force, in partnership with North Mississippi Medical Center, is asking for widespread, voluntary compliance with the City’s mask ordinance, recognizing that masking is one of the simplest tools at our disposal for fighting the spread of the virus, preserving our economy, and facilitating a speedier return to a more normal life.

Speaking on the importance of voluntary participation, Chairperson Brandi Long said, “Keeping our economy open requires that we keep our COVID numbers down and our community spirit up. Every citizen must do his or her part to comply with best practices with regard to slowing the spread of the virus: wearing a mask, employing social distancing, hand washing, staying home in the event of illness, and embracing responsible citizenship by following all city and state guidelines.” added Dr. Marcus Louis Britton, TERTF Vice Chair, “In terms of supporting the Tupelo economy, we encourage individuals to dine, shop, and trade locally, where fellow citizens are working hard to provide safe environments in which to conduct one’s day-to-day business comfortably.”

Citizens may go to www.tupelo.net/resources to download campaign-related materials for personal use. By making conscientious choices today, we increase the odds that our community remains healthy and our economy remains strong, so mask up, Tupelo, and let’s keep our city open!

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