Convicted felon adds more crimes to resume

Antonio L. Gladney

On June 29, an inmate, from Shannon, decided to extend his stay at the Lee County Jail.

Lee County Detention Officers were doing a daily count and inspection of the cell pods. During that process of checking cell blocks — Antonio Gladney, 37, began to become very agitated.

Gladney then pulled a shank, a homemade knife, and began threatening to stab the officers. The inmate lunged at officers with the knife, cutting one of the jailers. Officers attempted to subdue Gladney and in the process, the inmate kicked and head butted other jail staff.

Gladney was eventually brought under control.

At the time of the incident Gladney was in the Lee County Jail awaiting trial for murder and numerous assaults on officers. All of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department employees were treated for their injuries and returned to work.

Gladney added new charges to his already heavy sheet, Aggravated Assault on an Officer and Simple Assault on an Officer (2 Counts).

On Mother’s Day 2017, Gladney killed his mother, Molly Gladney, 64. Law enforcement, at that time, were called to the area on “an alarm call.” The black female had suffered multiple traumatic injuries to her head, face and hands. They believed the investigation would reveal multiple objects were used to inflict the injuries. Lee County Sheriff said over 40 pieces of evidence, including the door facing and her car were sent to Mississippi Department of Public Safety Jackson Crime Laboratory in Pearl (MCL). The body was also carried for an autopsy.

Later that day, as a result of the criminal investigation, the son was charged with murder (habitual), felony fleeing, aggravated assault, burglary and more.

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