Conjurors appearing in Tupelo Friday

A photo from the last Conjuror Community Summit.

When friends Adam Grace and Aaron Fisher started Conjuror Community over three years ago, neither expected its rapid growth. Both Grace and Fisher have practiced magic for most of their lives, which solidified their friendship over the last twenty years. “We finally put it all together a few years ago, and Conjuror Community was born out of that,” said Grace. While out in Hollywood, California, Fisher and Grace had a strong group of friends who shared in their love of magic and would help each other learn and grow in their practice. “When we were getting this going we realized magic clubs have died since the internet led to the close of brick and mortar magic stores around the country,” said Fisher. Fisher added that while the internet made buying magic supplies and watching videos of tricks possible for all, the community of magicians meeting together and learning from one another no longer existed. “We decided that we could put that back into magic with just a little TLC,” said Fisher. “We always knew that if someone wanted to become a magician there were three crucial ingredients, and one of those three ingredients is a community of people to share magic with and to learn from and to bounce ideas off of,” added Grace. Conjuror Community now has around 1,000 members who meet online via video chat each week. “The Conjuror Community Summit is the top-tier of those people who are willing to invest the time and the money to travel down here to Tupelo and spend the weekend meeting all the other community people in person,” said Grace. Whit “Pop” Haydn is one of the top magicians who will be performing and mentoring those who participate in the summit. Fisher credits those who mentored him with his success as a magician. “They shared with me what they knew after a lifetime of doing magic. Our understanding is that those relationships make it possible for people to become magicians.” Helping other magicians was the main drive of developing Conjuror Community. “We’re helping people accomplish their dreams and making them come true. I love that we get to be a part of that,” said Fisher. Within a year of developing Conjuror Community, the first convention was planned and then held in New Orleans. The next convention was held in Memphis, Tennessee. This year they decided to have it in Tupelo, partially because they both are living in the area, but also because of Tupelo’s support of the arts. “I’m really proud to have grown up here and been a part of a society that places importance on the performing arts. I think it’s encouraging to the next generation who want to be actors or magicians or singers, just to be able to come from a place that has so much variety and so much love for the arts in this area,” said Grace. The Conjuror Community Summit will take place on Friday, Sept. 28, and Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018 at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Tupelo.

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