On Sept. 2, 2021, around 10 a.m., a subject by the name of Christopher Thomas came to the lobby of the Lee County Sheriff's Department.

“The night before this guy (Thomas) contacted us and had filed a report about some accusations which had nothing to do with happened in the lobby. He had filed this report one or two times before,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson. “He was transported, the night before, to the North Mississippi Medical Center, they must have released him because an individual, who was at the hospital, picked him up and brought him back down here to the sheriff’s department.”

Thomas came inside the lobby acting very strange and belligerent. The deputy in the lobby attempted to assist Thomas, but Thomas just became more agitated.

“We have a deputy who is assigned to the lobby and two receptionists. There were a couple of people in the lobby, who were doing business at the office. The deputy talked to the gentleman and said you’ve already filed a report. He (Thomas) started acting very strange, was pacing back and forth, he made a comment about a dog that was there and trying to bite him,” Johnson said.

There wasn’t a dog in the lobby. Another deputy entered the space and took some information from the subject. While dealing with Thomas, another deputy was able to contact a family member to come and pick Thomas up.

“They (his family) said he had been messed up on some narcotics, they knew he was acting strange but they would come get him. In the meantime, he continues to get belligerent, so we ask him to step outside (to wait on his family,” Johnson said.

Prior to the family member arriving, Thomas began blocking the lobby door and refused to move.

“Then he charged the deputy and tackled him to the ground. The deputy and he are wrestling around on the ground. Another deputy pulls up. It takes two or three to get this man off of the other deputy, they tazed him a couple of times, he would still jump up and charge them again,” Johnson said. “They were finally able to subdue him and get handcuffs on him. That’s when he was arrested.”

Thomas was charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault on an officer. He has since bonded out of the Lee County Jail.

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