Best of Best is in racks

Best of the Best

The Best of the Best winners were announced in the Lee County Courier. The winners will not be posted on our website. The only way to find out is to buy a paper I would suggest you purchase one by this weekend. They always sell out.

Here is a partial list of where you can find a copy inside these stores.

• Papa V’s on Main Street, across from Bancorpsouth Arena

• Palmer’s Big Star

• Chevron on North Gloster

• Chevron on South Gloster

• Robbins 66 in Verona

• Buzy Bee in Shannon

• Sprint Mart in Nettleton There are also papers in our 50 metal racks scattered throughout Lee County. I did not list them because we’ve had a lot of paper theft lately. So much, in fact that we’ve installed video surveillance at many locations. Photos of those who take multiple papers from racks will be printed in papers at the end of April.

Be sure to congratulate all the winners. Thanks, Jim

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