Baldwyn murder  suspect remains in jail under $5 million bond

Shawnie Vel Young

Pamela Britt, 63, was murdered in her Baldwyn home on East Clayton Street on Tuesday, February 11, during the middle of the day. The cashier at Baldwyn U Save had gone to her home around lunch but never returned to her job. The store’s owner drove to Britt’s house to check on her, where he ran into the alleged attacker as she was leaving the residence, said Baldwyn Police Chief Troy Agnew.

The chief said the store owner realized the suspect, 47-year-old Shawnie Vel Young, was lying about why she was there so he called the police. He added that the owner didn’t know who Young was. Agnew said Young was caught after a brief chase and arrested after Britt’s body was discovered inside the house.

Young, who is believed to be from the Belmont area, is being held in the Lee County Jail in lieu of $5 million bond for the charge of capital murder, which is murder committed during the commission of another felony crime such as robbery or rape. Britt’s body was sent to Jackson for autopsy; it was determined she had been suffocated.

Agnew said it appears Britt and Agnew did not know each other but he could not provide specifics of the crime since it is still under investigation. Robbery of some sort may have been the motive, but Agnew couldn’t definitively divulge that.

Britt’s funeral was Saturday, with burial in Springhill Cemetery. She is survived by her son, Trey Dent (Brittany) of Shannon; her daughters, Audrea Wilson (Jeremy) of Tupelo and Robin Dent (Barry Martinez) of Guntown; her brothers, Tim Britt (Mary) of West Point and Bobby Britt (Brenda) of West Point; her sister, Diane Peeples of Macon and 7 grandchildren.

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