Assault, burglary, larceny, carjacking, domestic violence - leads to no bond

Aaron Ellis Osborn

On June 19, 2021, Lee County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the old Brown’s Grocery on Hwy. 371 North in Mooreville.

The call originally went out regarding a stolen vehicle and a hit and run. When deputies arrived, witnesses and victims divulged a much more drastic picture.

“There were two individuals who showed up at the store, just as patrons, of the grocery. They had a little Jon boat, on a trailer, hooked behind a truck,” said Lee County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Scotty Reedy.

A woman, carrying a child, came out of some rental property, next to the store. The owner of the store was watching the story unfold looking out the window, from inside.

“She (the owner) let her come in the side door and here came Aaron Osborn after her. There was an altercation inside the store. One of those, from the truck, intervened on her behalf. The altercation moved outside,” Reedy said. “Aaron was attempting to steal the truck.”

The owner of the truck, and his son, began to wrestle with the instigator. They were trying to keep him out of the truck.

“In the process, he (Aaron) got in the truck, got it running, and, at that point, it’s my understanding the father and son were both run over,” Reedy said.

The truck, or the trailer, actually ran over both, about at their torsos, leaving them with serious injuries.

Osborn left the scene and headed south on 371, bumping up onto I22 at a high-rate of speed and that’s when the boat sailed off the trailer. He continued on I22, took 45 north and headed towards Saltillo.

“He ended up breaking into two more vehicles, got into another altercation and law enforcement eventually trapped him between Saltillo and Tupelo,” Reedy said.

One of the officers did have a canine and there was a canine bite. During the scuffle Osborn tried to get an officer’s gun.

“On a video you can see him (Osborn) trying to pull the officer’s gun out of his holster twice,” Reedy said. “The only injury the suspect had on him was where the dog bit him.”

Osborn was arrested and carried to the Lee County Jail where he remains today. The officers suffered no serious injuries.

“Other then getting uniforms dirty, skinned up knees and such, from wrestling around on the ground,” Reedy said.

Osborn was charged with felony aggrated assault, felony burglary and larceny of an automobile, felony carjacking, felony robbery and misdemeanor domestic violence. His bond was originally set at $250,997. Currently he is being held without bond.

Unless you’re around law enforcement and judges all the time this may seem confusing.

“Generally what we do on these — by state law we have to get a bond set. It was set at $250,000. We partitioned the District Attorney, about that same time, since Osborn was already out on a previous felony bond, and with these new charges, which carry a penalty of at least over five years, he could technically be held without bond,” Reedy said. “The Circuit Judge signed the order, so now he is held without bond.”

The Mississippi Department of Corrections also has a hold on Osborn. The criminal was out on bond, when he committed these new crimes. The old bond was for felony taking of a vehicle out of Baldwyn.

Osborn has been in the Lee County Jail between 20 to 30 times for trespassing, alcohol related incidents and the like. Most were misdemeanors.

If you have any information related to this case, please call the LCSD (662) 841-9040.

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