Abused  4-year-old rescued from mom

Kimberly Whitehorn 

On May 5, 2021, the Lee County Sheriff's Department responded to a call at a residence on County Road 231 in Guntown regarding a possible burglary in progress.

The homeowner arrived at their residence to find an unknown vehicle in the driveway and an adult female on the balcony of the residence. The homeowner also saw a small child with the woman and did not know either of them.

Upon deputies arrival, the adult female, who made entry into the home, was identified as Kimberly Dawn Whitehorn.

“Right now we don’t know the reason this home was picked. You could tell, during the investigation, that she (Whitehorn) was intoxicated or had some type of narcotics inside her system,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

Inside the home was also a 4-year-old child, who belonged to Whitehorn. Whitehorn’s home address was CR 331, Guntown.

“When deputies arrived they were able to arrest her. The deputies noticed the child had several bruises on its face, also some lacerations on its head and strangulation marks around its neck,” Johnson said.

The child also had whelps and more lacerations on its body. The child was immediately taken into custody and turned over to Child Protective Services.

“What we can tell you about Miss Whitehorn is she was convicted back in 2013, in Union County for some narcotics and placed in drug court,” Johnson said. “While at drug court, she violated the program and the Mississippi Department of Corrections then placed her on probation ... they did not send her for any kind of incarceration but left her out in the free world.”

Whitehorn has been charged with burglary of a dwelling, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, possession of schedule II controlled substance and four counts of felonious child abuse.

On May 5, she was carried before Lee County Justice Court Judge Chuck Hopkins, who set her bond at $1,000,000.

Whitehorn remains in the Lee County Jail. This is an ongoing investigation and it’s possible more charges will arise from it.

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